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    So I’m heading home today from a long day of school and work. And my sister tells me Mitch Lucker was in a car accident yesterday and passed away today.

    Heart wrenching. I didn’t know him but it felt like I did through the music of Suicide Silence and I’m sure many people feel that way.

    And I thought of his daughter, Kenadee, how she will grow up without him it’s gut wrenching. He’s such an amazing father and husband and to be gone now it’s unbelievable.

    Which got me thinking how Frances Bean, Kurt Cobain’s daughter and how it seems like tragedy struck again. I know Kurt Cobain decided to end his life but it’s another tragic loss in the music world and in a daughter’s world.

    R.I.P Mitch Lucker, always will be living in the hearts of millions. 

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